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ProducerMarkus Spitta (os*b)
DirectorJendrik Schröder
DoPJonas Kolahdoozan
1. ACNils Koppenbrink
2. ACTim Fischer
Production AssistantLuca Gericke
GafferAlexander Schmutzler
ElectricianFynn Koppenbrink
Hair & MakeupMaha Hölbling
Set DesignJens Jech (Set Up! Solutions)
EditingMarkus Spitta, Jendrik Schröder (os*b)
ColoristFlorian Stärk (Sec.Color)
Music & SoundAndrew Dheil, Jendrik Schröder
Thanks toMichael Carstens (DRS)
CastAmara Thomas Saavedra, Stefan Dietzelt, Klaus Aschauer, Christoph Zapp, Finja Schmidt, Zeynab Beyinna, Sergej Meyer, Clara Devantie, Hedwig Schaarenberg, Bao-my Nguyen, Arlenys Valdez, Hakan Halac, Marie-Julienne Noguera, Phillip Trautmann, Matthias Spitta, Franka Kurpjuhn, Luca Gericke, Markus Spitta, Jamie Lang, Michelle Nettles, Ruveyda Yapar, Juliane Ulmer

Lets make it human is our first project shot on 16mm film. Our approach was to tell a story about digitalization as analog as possible. We told intimate moments of real people. In intense juxtapositions, we show the full range of the effects of digitization without sanding down its rough edges. We combine the topic of digitalization with the intimate experience of the individual person. We don't mention the word digitization throughout the film. Only the images give us an idea of what is being talked about. So we don't isolate the digital from the rest of life. And escape the cliché of traditional advertising. So make our claim credible:

Digitalization is not a state, but a development. You can become part of it. To make it one thing above all: human