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DesignerLucy Owen Jones
DirectorJendrik Schröder / os*b
DoPJendrik Schröder / os*b
Assistant DirectorSarra Azzam
GafferKolja Wetzel
Hair & MakeupAlexandra Nitta
EditingMarkus Spitta, Jendrik Schröder / os*b
ColoristJendrik Schröder / os*b
Voice OverFred Brandt
Thanks toRhytch, Razornailz
CastStavrianna Mavraki, Maria Basta, Gabriela Obiala, Danae Nasouli, Markella Kairi, Kolja Wetzel

UNSETTLING DESIRES is an ode to the unpleasant journey of introspection. A visual celebration of the discomfort that comes through understanding our desires.

At the beginning of the Greek world there is one god above all: CHAOS, the gaping nothingness. Chaos gave birth to NYX, the goddess of the black night, and Erebos, the dark and unfathomable realm of death. These two together produced love, and from love came day and night. Thus Chaos is the primordial state from which everything evolves. And the black night is the mother of the first ray of sunlight.

In NYX we explore these ancient myths in an abstract visual journey; to discover temptation and lust in chaos, in the night, in the becoming of the world.